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Cidália F. Silva

Intervention Location

Pevidém, Guimarães

Social-spacial narratives of the child in Pevidém

Paula Martins

This research begins that the inhabited spaces reflect daily routines and common practices, focusing on a central issue of the same: the children. It is intended to understand how personal, spatial and temporal relationships are created, always questioning what relates them to the place experienced, assuming that children are free to appropriate the spaces around them, spaces designed to the adult dimension.

As a study territory, the village of Pevidém emerges as a catalyst for transcending relations with the surrounding villages, centralizing a variety of connections with everyday life: the school space, the park space, the music school space, the daily paths and routines, the pedestrian and road movements, the way of being and also the singular connection with the city of Guimarães.

The purpose is to stimulate the potential of the articulation between the existing spaces, in order to elaborate a basic research, which uses the continuous work in situ, to search for clues and analogies existing in the place, in the relations between the various scales and flows, discovering and concretizing focal points of work interaction with the people/the children.

The division into three chapters reflects the work done during the field visits: Observe, Dialogue and Interact. From the outset, the research process is reflected in the chapters of the work, stating the constant attitudes and concerns that emerged throughout the process of analysis, thus reflecting on the essential issues as potentiators of socio-spatial narratives of the child in Pevidém.

A study through scales, through people, between times and spaces, reflecting human habits in common lives, with the main objective of finding relations of permanence between the community and the village of Pevidém, in order to intensify and improve the various uses found.

Experienced places, collective routines and usual practices, socio-spatial narratives as a result of a common living.