Academic year



Atelier 2A – Territory

Curricular year


Marta Labastida e Marisa Fernandes

Intervention Location

Póvoa de Varzim - Esposende


Bárbara Peixoto, Bruno Castro e Filipa Serino

The work developed focuses on the area of Esposende and Aguçadoura, in Portugal, based on the characteristics of the territory and the sea. This area is defined by paths and water infrastructures that function as a connection between terrestrial and maritime territory. They are essential in the transport of water and in the support of agricultural practice, representing a fundamental role in the distribution of water and defining the parceling of the territory.

These infrastructures prove to be degraded and damaged over the years, resulting in a significant loss of water. Our intervention consists in creating a wetland in the most deteriorated areas, being used for a greater reuse and preservation of water.

The water will be redirected to the agricultural fields and greenhouses, thus creating a water cycle. This wetland will allow the establishment of a new ecosystem and creating more biodiversity in this region.

The main focus of the intervention is to preserve and reuse these water structures, as well as to implement new methods that will promote agricultural practice, reinforcing the important role that water has in the territory.

Taking advantage of degraded greenhouses, the hydroponic system is implemented, which is a method of cultivation through water.