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Atelier 3A – Public Space

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Marta Labastida

Intervention Location


Unlock the quarter to the city

Cláudia Tavares, Cláudia Fernandes e Greta Masut

Unlock the quarter to the city. A timetable. The title explains the idea, the reason why explains the how.

The idea is connect the quarter to the city, so people can enjoy the richness of the garden. We propose this because we want to open the “muralha” that it’s hiding the garden. To do this we open walls and windows to the floor, allowing the entrance of the public, and giving new uses to the existing buildings.

To apply our ideas, we made a time line that proposes transformations in nine steps, always following the main concept, opening new walls. By only proposing this, this area would create promiscuous spaces between public, private collective and shared, so, to control this we put a program in the factories defining the character of the opening areas.

The programs that we propose for the Caldeiroa Quarter are related them with the habitants and facilities that involve him. However, the city is an element in constant transmutation, allowing that many other transformations and appropriations may be done through the ages.