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Rute Carlos

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Fafe, Portugal

The urban public space in the city of Fafe: to cite and incite experiences

Ricardo Pereira

The present study proposes a reflection on the relationships between the citizen and urban public spaces in the city of Fafe. In it, one attempts to understand how the public spaces and its elements constrain or accentuate the development of social activities throughtout the city, and simultaenously, opportunities were sought from which one could speculate new experiences. This reflection is developed in two stages: Cite and Incite. The first analyzes and interprets the observed – Cite. The other speculates and proposes alternatives – Incite. This methodology is used to address several issues concerning to various kinds of experiences in urban public space: the uses, flows and permanencies. This study is assumed, without prejudice, as an unfinished interpretative process open to further amendments. It is a process of decoding and interpretation of the observed, intended to expose opportunites and principles that the site offers to encourage and enable experiences and relationships.