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Cidália F. Silva

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Oceano Atlântico

The journey of the tuna ship Zargo: A story of space and time

Gonçalo Rodrigues

The present investigation addresses an Overseas trip of the tuna ship Zargo held in 1968, within the tuna fishing campaign. The journey in question was the first actions of the investment conducted by the Estado Novo on tuna fisheries. The displacement of the vessel was carried out in the Atlantic waters surrounding the Portuguese colonies, with a duration of one year.

The reconstruction of the trip arises from the testimony of two fishermen of the vessel and from interviews found with the Captain of the ship. Through the reports, the spaces that compose the trip are projected, being its study closely related to what was experienced by the crew.

Through the travel stories it is intended to represent the space and time inscribed on the journey, from the descriptions made by the three crew members (the two fishermen and the commander).

In this way, places are exploited to which discourses allow access. Thus, through the memories,

the travel space time is recognized, and the knowledge is expanded to certain particular events,

characteristic of each place and circumstance. From this, it’s possible to see the interdependence that connects people, places and times, in a common journey.

Initially it is attempted to describe the Departure of Zargo, demonstrating the events that preceded it, in order to interpret the implications and causes related to the act of leaving. Thus, in a second phase, the Journey, occurrences that decompose in various places, times and circumstances. Finally, the last stage of the journey appears, described in the Return.