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Cidália Ferreira Silva

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Estremoz, Portugal

The Estremoz Marbleize: Landscape in Motion

Luis Esteves

The present research focuses on the transformation process resultant of the motion performed by the Estremoz marble.
Marmorear (Marbleize) is therefore the proposed strategic approach which seeks to understand how marble restricts and contributes to the modification of the places where it is conceived, extracted and employed. This research work focuses on the Estremoz Anticline, a geological structure of outstanding mineral wealth, which encompasses the boroughs of Estremoz, Borba and Vila Viçosa.
Following the changes that marble proves, from its natural formation to its practical use, we can understand that Marmorear (Marbleize) is present in the organisation process of this place (from the geological point of view); in the extraction process of the quarries of Estremoz; in the pavements we walk; in the chapel of the Jeronimo’s Monastery in Lisbon and across borders. In that sense, recognising marble as a territorial recomposing element, this work intends to emphasise the permanent connection between this resource and the transformation process of the territory (close and distant).
From this point of view, the investigation project was organised in three main parts, which characterize the coexistent movements of Marmorear (Marbleize): Percorrer (to travel), Entrecorrer (in-travel) and Ocorrer (into-travel) that synthetically are defined by: the approach to the specificities of the territory and discovery of the research theme, through the in situ experience; representation of the territory transformation process; inciting the suspended movement of the marble that ‘is waiting for’, through the development of an innovative material, having the marble waste as starting matter.
It is intended to stimulate new readings on the territory and to generate a research approach that integrates the interdisciplinarity of the places changed by the presence of Estremoz marble. In conclusion, this research proposes to create a specific methodological approach wherein theme and place cross and inform each other permanently creating new forms of knowledge.