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Atelier 2A – Territory

Curricular year


Marta Labastida e Marisa Fernandes

Intervention Location

Póvoa de Varzim - Esposende

sea trails

André Maia, Rui Correia e Vitor Miquelino

The territory of Esposende lives on the sea, all the terrestrial potential was born by the influence of the sea but the population has the sea as “the unknown”. After discovering the existence of natural park in this place, the intention went trying to understand all the constituent elements of this park and to make a balance between two points, sea / land, of the park, at an informative and perceptual level. Why did this level of information not exist in the maritime part as it exists in the land part?

Our strategy focuses on the Natural Park of the North Coast, an icon of the city of Esposende, in order to change the way of looking at the territory, raising the consciousness of the population that appropriates it and working on the same or greater detail of the strong points of land.

Our strategy is divided into three interventions. First, the introduction of a “maritime infrastructure” to preserve and protect the coastline / species / biodiversity .Then, the reuse of Forte S. João Baptista with the inclusion of a Research Center that intends to study/catalog the maritime territory and becomes the starting point and the articulator of the interfaces. Finally, similarly to existing land trails, in the same way, introduce sea trails that praise the interest points of the “Esposende Sea”.

That said, focusing on the Potentialize-Preserve-Protect ideals, we developed our work from three public interest areas due to the predominant characteristics that identify the place itself.