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Atelier 2A – Territory

Curricular year


Marta Labastida e Marisa Fernandes

Intervention Location

Póvoa de Varzim - Esposende

sea occupation

Ana Abreu, Diogo Ferreira e João Coimbra

The work has the objective of reflection on the potentials of the sea in the Portuguese territory. The intervention proposal consists in the research of a solution that allows the union between the Portuguese coast and the sea. However, to make this connection possible it was necessary to recover a ship (Calypso). This will be used to establish the connections between the different locations along the coast and the islands, attempting to cross different topics, diversifying the target audience, and creating conditions and opportunities for economic and social development.

Calypso, the ship that was once a pioneer in the communication and dissemination of the seabed will be modified so that it can answer the needs requested in the proposal and has the capacity to accommodate all the necessary conditions for maritime research and tourist exploration of the depths of the sea. The program, inside, includes a restaurant supported by a laboratory with the intention of studying the variety of benefits of seaweed and other resources. Besides the necessary changes that may suffer, spaces and original elements that will transform the ship into a historical landmark will be maintained, keeping in the memory of those who visit it the importance it once had in the dissemination of maritime territory.

The proposal also includes the implementation of observatories located strategically at the bottom of the sea in order to combat local seasonality and deepen investigations of different marine ecosystems.