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Rute Carlos

Intervention Location

Vale do Ave, Portugal

Recognition of agricultural parcels as a structure and as a limit in the territory of Rio Ave

João Paulo Faria

The folowing work aims to reveal how the space of agriculture parceling is characterized and structured in the Valey of Ave territory. In a territory that is many times “observed” from the principals of the organization through of what is “built”, and in which agriculture, forest areas and everything considered “non built” is relegated to “empty space”. It is aimed to study the parceling system as a structure and as a limit definer in this territory. For its study there are four stages of analysis determined, based on analysis made through the observation and interpretation of existing cartigraphic images and in situ observations. These observations approach the folowing themes: Structure of the agriculture parcels in the landscape; Characterization of the limits of the agriculture parceling and lastly the sence of place as experience.