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Rute Carlos

Intervention Location

Estuário do Rio Cávado, Esposende, Portugal

[Re]Activation of the banks through the [re]qualification of the routes of the Cávado estuary

João Bermudes

This work looks into the Cávados’s river firth and its importance in Esposende area. Aftter a thorough analysis of the historic evolution and current buildings network of the municipality, it was possible to observe the primary role of the firth’s river front, either its evolution as in the formation of the territory. The newly parting between Esposende’s people and the river, making it from the largest socio-economic factor in the region to a forgotten element., walkwed mostly by turists. This work intends to give the river back to the firth, trying to realise how the fragmented lanscape of its limits can be worked in way that this limits can be reativated. The project consist in a series of interventions along the margins. From the reativation of abandonded structures, to the requalification of underused pathways and the insertion of new quays that interconnect the two margins and unifie the quirths landscapes.