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Cidália Ferreira da Silva

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Veiga de Valença-Ganfei-Verdoejo, Valença, Portugal

Percolation atlas: representation and interpretation of the fertile land of Valença-Ganfei-Verdoejo

Florisa Rodrigues

Taking as its subject the fertile land of Valença-Ganfei-Verdoejo and the concerns that have emerged from it, this work is an investigation into the understanding of the territory as a process that establishes spatio- -temporal relations. Thus, the geographical condition characterized as a border place and the sustained changes in its morphology through the land consolidation process in 1990-1995 make this sample a useful tool for the study of temporal and spatial filtered processes. The confronting with an experience in situ associated with the in visu sample knowledge across the border allows a specific look at the sample and the development of the understanding its relations with the opposite shore. Throught the concept of percolation it is establised, in this investigation, and atlas that understands spatio-temporal relations. It is the creation of a representation as a being changing, both time and space thickness. It is also the exploration of spatio-temporal representations, the caring of a spatial-temporal representation on a static support. In summary, this research aim to the creation of an atlas, a set of filtered processes that have constant coordination with spatial and temporal stimulations and has no termination in this investigation. It is a process in constant construction.