Academic year



Laboratory of Urban

Curricular year


Cidália Ferreira da Silva e Vincenzo Riso

Exercise Title

Interpretation/representation tools – Building a specific outlook

Intervention Location

Vale do Cávado, Vila de Prado e Soutelo

Activity Description

This exercise is based on reflection on areas within the diffused Vale do Cávado (Cávado river’s valley) territory. This urban model in this territory differs from the traditional model associated with consolidated cities. It becomes necessary to train the eye to recognise the traces and vestiges present in these territories if we are to discover new ways to intervene. Students are provided with a large sample of the Vale do Cávado region. The goal is for the student to create an interpretation conforming a specific outlook; this outlook selects the themes and/or elements that are seen as structural for the territory and resulting landscape due to their recurrent presence all over the sample. The theme behind the key concept will be determined through the selection of a photo that the group feels illustrative of their disquiet in view of the area studied; in addition, they must associate said photo to a recognisable theme and/or element.


Carla Lage, Tânia Sofia Silva, Marisa Fernandes e Ana Soares

Synthesis plan


Photographic surveys


Urban centre - Prado


Urban centre - Bico


Urban centre - Covas


Penesqueira - Prado


Penesqueira - Bico


Penesqueira - Soutelo


Penesqueira - Rendufe


Penesqueira - Covas


Penesqueira - Malheira




Work in process


Work in progress