Academic year



Atelier 2A – Territory

Curricular year


Marta Labastida e Marisa Fernandes

Intervention Location

Póvoa de Varzim - Esposende

maritime activity

Fábio Martins, Francisca Freitas e Márcia Oliveira

The set of interventions or actions adopted involves taking advantage of the marine and horticultural resources of the village and making them more profitable through new fishing methods and encouraging producers in the agricultural activity in order to obtain a greater amount of raw material.

The set of planned actions is meaningless and has no force when applied individually. However, when applied as a set and dependent on each other, they form a cycle, in which each intervention influences the next. This cycle values the natural resources of the village of Apúlia, which offers the best of its sea and its fields in the area of restoration and which values traditional activities such as cultivation in “campos de masseira”, the harvesting of seaweed, among others. In this way, Apúlia will be seen as an environmental and sustainable, cultural and traditional, friendly, attractive and charismatic village.

Here, in addition to the quality and recognition of bathing activities, the aim is to provide experiences related to good nutrition through the always fresh products of the area, the creation of a relationship with the traditional and incomparable methods of how these crops and fisheries are process, emphasizing the uniqueness of the area and valuing some of its less emphasized qualities.