Academic year



Project V (A.P.E)

Curricular year


Cidália Ferreira da Silva e Marta Labastida

Exercise Title

“Lugares em Espera” — Lisbon: 2007 Architecture Triennale (1st edition), Núcleo Universidades. curated by José Adrião and Ricardo Carvalho

Intervention Location

Estuário do Tejo, Lisboa

Activity Description

The participation in the Núcleo Universidades competition: "Lugares em Espera", in the 1st Lisbon Architecture Trienalle, had "as the theme for reflection the area of greater Lisbon – with a population of two million five hundred thousand – and its core, composed by the Tagus river estuary and the millennial occupation of its banks." The students are asked to form groups of four elements and use the Tagus’ estuary as the main theme for their research with a view to reflect upon and generate a specific strategy. The different scales, as well as potential intervention locations, will be determined by the strategies proposed. The strategy defined by each group is based on their specific view of the indicated area, the way they interpret it and the elaboration of an idea for intervention.   Text presented with the final works at the exhibition: The gaze falls upon reality Sight is the result of observation Sight reveals disquiet Disquiet in face of reality becomes the seed The seed of idea The idea feeds the project The project approximates reality An approximation that is transversal to different scales An approximation that unveils an interpretation The idea triggers choice The choice of places for intervention The intervention is made at different scales The project is underpinned by the idea The idea defines the path of reflection The project is the product of specific research A research that reveals the tools for the project Tools that allow an in-depth understanding of the idea Specific ideas are provided for a specific territory, Tagus’ Estuary: Permeability, Complementarity, Seeds, Atlantic Plaza, Fit, Transversality, Hybrid, Production Methods, Upgrade, Mutation, Staple, In between the lines. Each may choose theirs and take it with them, They may cross the Tagus and resume this reflection.

Lugares em Espera

Vários Alunos

FITTINGS by Ana Carvalho, André Machado, Bruno Salles and Teresa Martins

 by Andreia Rocha, Márcia Pereira, Nuno Costa and Ozge Ozden

HYBRID - Relationship of the estuary with the urban fabric
 by Davide Ribeiro, Filipa Anjos, Nelson Giesteira e Simão Carvalho

by Joana Rito Faria, João Marques, Pedro Gil Almeida and Tiago Costa


 by António Magalhães, Joana Bogas, Joana de Oliveira and Ricardo Cortez

by Ana Gomes, Cristiano Leite, David Cancela, Diana Soares, Giulia Apicella and Sandra Almeida

by Fátima Moura, Hugo Veloso and Liliana Costa

PERMEABILITY. Ability of an element to let a substance pass through
 by Ana Oliveira, Filipa Hipólito, Sofia Andrade and Tiago Júdice

by Ana Luísa Mendonça, Joana Silva, Marta Coutinho e Paulo Santos

by Carla Carvalho, Carla Lousada, Joana Pinho, João Saavedra and Klara Comorcové

by Duarte Carvalho, Guilherme Pires, Marta Gomes and Tiago Vasconcelos