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Laboratory of Urban

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Cidália Ferreira da Silva Vincenzo Riso Ana Lopes

Exercise Title

Interpretation/Representation tools – Representation based on a name

Intervention Location

Nespereira, Guimarães

Activity Description

The purpose of this exercise is to encourage the students to understand that everything that is represented has an underlying intention and a name that identifies that specific interpretation. The exercise was carried out in several areas of the municipality of Guimarães. The municipality was divided into several parts, each part conforming an urban tissue sample and assigned to a group of two students. The sample was provided with the word “Insterstices”– which was selected from the text «De la ciudad que sube al paisaje eu avanza» by Mirko Zardini – and served as the basis for interpreting the sample. The word was the same for all work groups. Further development of the work was based on the cartography resources provided as well as field work.

Interstice between linear paths

Amandine Antunes e João Peixoto

Fotografia catalisadora do tema Photography that catalized the theme
Identificação de interstícios na área em estudo Identification of the in-between spaces in the urban sample
Linhas delimitadoras do interstício. Estudo negativo/positivo Delimiting in-between spaces lines. Negative/Positive study.
Estudo do interstício selecionado Study of the selected in-between space. Planta síntese Synthesis plant