Academic year



Atelier 2A – Territory

Curricular year


Marta Labastida e Marisa Fernandes

Intervention Location

Póvoa de Varzim - Esposende


Carlos Campos, Cláudio Meireles e Carolina Poli

This territory is related to the sea and agricultural practice due to its geographical location and the quality of the soils with the characteristic “masseiras” field. For a long time, this place had a strong agricultural exploitation in “masseiras”, which was lost over time with the emergence of new technologies and production methods. The strategy is to make it a hybrid territory creating a mix of experiences that combine the qualities of the countryside and the city making it possible to work, live and relax in the same place. To this end, four territory logics were developed. The first logic, “National Road / Showcase”, aims to strengthen current practices, such as the sale of products along the national road to improve the conditions of this road axis. In the following logic, “House / Street”, the intervention involves the reuse of abandoned houses that served as support for agriculture to respond to future families who intend to settle in this territory. The “Greenhouses / Plots” logic involves dividing the land so that each family can grow their own plot and transform themselves into existing greenhouses with different programs meeting the needs of the community. The last logic, “Pine Forest / Public Space”, creates an uniformization of the existing forest with the planting of a new pine forest introducing leisure areas inside it. These logics aim to expand over time and transform the entire area into a hybrid territory.