Academic year



Project V (A.P.E)

Curricular year


Cidália Ferreira da Silva e Marta Labastida

Exercise Title

Intervention in Vale do Ave (Ave river’s valley)

Intervention Location

Nespereira, Guimarães

Activity Description

Project V proposes reflection and intervention on areas that are part of Vale do Ave’s diffuse territory, which is marked by different forms of growth – from polarities to linear growth along structural development axes, to large sensitive areas involving rivers and watercourses. In view of an urbanisation pattern that is different from the model traditionally seen in consolidated cities, it becomes necessary to come up with new ways to intervene. The traditional natural–artificial, rural–urban and centre–periphery dichotomies don't apply to this territory. In this diffuse pattern, there’s overlapping between urban and rural as well as natural and artificial features. They blend in multiple forms of occupation, rendering it impossible to determine where one ends and the other begins. The students are asked to form groups of four and think of specific strategies applicable to a wider area of the Vale do Ave territory. The different scales, as well as potential intervention locations, will be determined by the strategies proposed. The strategy defined by each group is based on their specific view of the indicated area, on the way they interpret it and on the elaboration of an idea for intervention.


Jaymar Delgado e João Fernandes