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Cidália Ferreira da Silva

Intervention Location

Complexo Monástico de S.Miguel de Bustelo, Penafiel, Portugal

Coexistence of time in the territory

Sara Ferreira

The following work consists of a practical essay of experimentation around the subject of coexistence in the interpretation of time in the territory. Through a methodology of analysis and representation, instils up a new perspective on a specific sample, the Complexo Monástico de S.Miguel de Bustelo. The place is imposed as a mechanism of detention of time in the territory, which allow a unique representation of the same in an attempt to find new tools of analysis and interpretation of landscape architecture. It seeks to encourage interdisciplinarity in the field of architecture by introducing a relation of complicity between patrimony and territory. The time manifests itself as the main subject, which comprises the inherent structure in the development work. Through the derivation of time as coexistence, it’s possible to open paths to new interpretations of place, territory and architecture itself. The combination of time with the representation transforms the drawing in a interventive tool in the way of perceiving the place. The representation validates a continuous creative process, an interventive project in the interpretation of this territory. The complementarity between concept, place and representation constitutes an original methodology that will be transversal to this research.