Academic year



Laboratory of Urban

Curricular year


Daniel Duarte Pereira e Vincenzo Riso

Exercise Title

Interpretation tools/proposal – Mechanisms for transformation

Intervention Location

Área industrial em Brito, Guimarães

Activity Description

The goal of this exercise is to create an intervention project in an area where land uses are mostly industrial. This area is located between the Ronfe and Brito parish centres, parallel to the Ave River and the EN 206 main road. The exercise consists in approaching the area as if the industrial buildings ceased to exist, but the remnants of those uses still occupied the land. The project should therefore be understood as a transformation mechanism for an area that will eventually need to be regenerated. The goal is to focus on research about a process for site regeneration. It was a didactic choice to exclude the buildings. This is a working hypothesis that may also apply when reconverting old industrial areas undergoing gradual abandonment. This exercise involves researching new ways of building housing developments arranged as urban fabric and interspersed with public amenities such as public facilities, retail or services. As previously stated, it is through the exploration of the interplay between typology and morphology that an urban tissue hypothesis is defined.

Captured Identity

Miguel Pinto, Ricardo Freitas, João Maia e Rui Dias


Captura dos elementos identitários

Identity elements
act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img03 Elements from the south, este and north factories

Planta de cobertura da proposta Plan of the the proposed project

South Factory act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img05act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img06

East Factory act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img07act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img08

North Factory act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img09act-20102011-lu-exe4-grupo_i-img10