Academic year



Laboratory of Urban

Curricular year


Vincenzo Riso Ana Lopes

Exercise Title

Interpretation tools/proposal – Forms of occupation

Intervention Location

Bishopsfield, Harlow, Reino Unido

Activity Description

In this exercise, each group is given a sample – a landmark project of contemporary architecture. These projects focus on studying different ways to build housing clusters arranged as urban fabric interspersed with public amenities. Different fabrics may be created by exploring the interplay between typology and morphology. The goal is to use the provided documents to study the interplay between infrastructure, plot and built form on its various scales. This is not about studying building aesthetics, but rather the different degrees of articulation between buildings/the public realm/private open spaces.

Bishopsfield Estate, Michael Neylan

Andreia Fernandes e Nadine Pereira

ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img01 Modular Agregation

ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img02 Typologies of dimension

ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img04 ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img03

Aggregation Modes

A The axial reflection


B Reflection between ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img09

C Double axiality

D Heterogeneous Association ACT-20092010-LU-EXE4-GRUPO_E-img07 E E

E Absence as an exception