Academic year



Atelier 1A – Landscape

Curricular year


Rute Carlos

Exercise Title

The Landscape of Fafe's City Park

Intervention Location

Parque da Cidade, Fafe

Activity Description

ATELIER 1A comprises a single practical exercise divided into stages, with a view to promoting reflection about and the transformation of  Fafe City Park. Starting from this nature and agricultural reserve, our efforts will be directed towards assessing the complexity of the place, interpreting the features, the processes, the dynamics and the relational frameworks that define the landscape, so that an approach strategy enabling its latent potential can be established. The exercise has three stages: (1) ANALYSIS – Based on in situ observation and exploration, students must form groups and create a narrative (both critic and selective) that sums up the site’s inherent issues and potential, proposing an idea / concept for intervention. (2) STRATEGY – Exploring the idea should allow students to find / develop the tools required in order to summarise the intervention process, including them in the scope of a strategic project capable of simultaneously establishing a method of operation and a formal commitment with the site, defining the programme(s) scale(s) and time(s) for intervention. This is also the stage when students’ individual roles are set. (3) PROJECT – Based on the strategy, each student will produce a preliminary study focusing on a given scope of intervention, developing tools that allow summarising it. This stage will end with a formal and constructive definition of one or more proposed interventions.


Carlos Ferreira, Fábio Barros, Rasha Askar e Sandra Alvarez

Group panel.

, Carlos Ferreira

Individual panel.

, Sandra Alvarez

Individual panel.

, Fábio Barros

Individual panel.

, Rasha Askar

Individual panel.
My part, in general, is based on three viewpoints distributed all around Fafe in different place showing three landscape views in different proposals.
The first viewpoint is in the south of Fafe, this area is very important because it represents the principal gate of the Bioparque. Therefore, I have proposed to take advantage of the wall (made of concrete) that presences over there and construct a belvedere, enclosed it by a handrail and raise it by 75 cm (5 stairs, every stair is 15cm high) in a specific high that can the viewer depicting and observing the panoramic landscape.
The second viewpoint is in the north of Fafe, it surrounded by many of beautiful landscape which invited to establish an elevated area to show this scene, through building a small wooden house over a tree on a high of 480cm by establishing also a wooden staircase to go up. In every stop point on the staircase, there is a specific view in a specific direction. From inside, the viewer can see from the two sides different landscape views as well.
The third viewpoint is in the northwest of Fafe, in an area that passes the Vizela river which has a plenty of water. However, the proposal is based on doing a beach for people can swim, taking advantage of the features of the area. This proposal can achieve through clipping the edges and the margins and clean the river of some trees which encountered. I have also proposed to make a viewpoint which allowing to observe and watch the beach and the landscape around it.