Academic year



Laboratory of Urban

Curricular year


Cidália Ferreira da Silva Vincenzo Riso

Exercise Title

Remaking places

Intervention Location

Vale do Cávado, Vila de Prado e Soutelo

Activity Description

In the context of contemporary urban territory, where urban growth has reached its maximum expansion limits, architectural projects currently face an emerging challenge: remaking places that have gone through long periods of anthropic use. In this exercise, students are challenged to re-evaluate the methodologies, strategies and solutions studied in the projects provided in exercise 2 — Forms of occupation). Each group is asked to take hold of the commission/issue or of the project’s strategy and work in the same area to further explore and develop new hypotheses.

A.R.T - Enlargement, Recovery and Transposition

Florisa Rodrigues, Sónia Silva, Diogo Lopes e João Vieira