Academic year



Atelier 3A – Public Space

Curricular year


Marta Labastida

Exercise Title

Fafe’s public realm

Intervention Location

Praça Mártires do Fascismo, Fafe

Activity Description

This programme comprises a single practical exercise with the main goal of proposing intervention alternatives based on a critical reflection about function, image and different appropriations of the contemporary public realm. Firstly, the exercise involves a critical stance in view of the collective space system and, secondly, an exploration of new forms of collective appropriation. The findings must be formalised in a wider project addressing, among other possible subjects: the design of space based on the simultaneous view of all the scales present; the flexibility, diversity and complementarity between other public spaces and programs of the city of Fafe; the relationship between spaces with different domains (public / private); the issue of time and versatility as the arguments driving the planning of collective uses; social participation as a crucial stimulus for the design and future appropriation of Fafe’s core space; soft mobility and the pressure generated by motorised traffic; and the multiplicity of options within the same space.

A Lot of Parking

Matjaz Cepic, Miguel Fernandes e Nuno Pinto e Costa

Panel 1/2. 

Panel 1/2.